Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Body Inhabitants: Sacral Qi

Some may want to say things many people want to hear ..
The Masters say what few people want to hear.

Body Inhabitants: Sacral Qi
The Masters said to me: The human male pelvic bones are shaped like a heart .. the human female pelvic bones are shaped like a circle. Heart has the desire and the circle surrounds and amplifies the heart.

The nature of the man is to balance internally his excessive heart [fire] Qi and the nature of the woman is to balance her excessive water Qi.

When fire enters water it burns out and creates steam .. in this way the male loses his energy if the Qi is not internally balanced and is in excess.

All excess and loss of internal balance will manifest in physical 3D reality as struggle between those two forces.

When man fights the woman and woman fights the man there can be no harmony.

You can see from the drawing the same Chi Portal Balance I shared in the last blog posts .. only this manifestation takes place within the Sacral pelvis. Yin yang life force in front of the kidneys manifests within the pelvic bone area in accordance with the nature of the Earth human incarnate spirit body inhabitant.

The Sacrum and The Skull
Everyone ignores the most important bones [skeletal structure] in the body: The human pelvic bones and the sacrum. So .. what I was shown is that whoever created / designed the physical human form began with the structure of the pelvis.

Modern western science claim that what makes humans distinctly human is the skull .. and inside the skull is the superior human brain. If the human brain is so smart and so advanced .. why are Earth humans so stupid ?? You have to have a sense of humor #_#

All excesses or disciplines within a human being is expressed within the bone structure [resonance] area of the pelvic bones. It is a highly sophisticated specially designed resonant field structure with many applications.

The pelvic bones and the skull are one and the same taking different forms.

In terms of the human skull and the pelvic bones you have the most important essential manifestation of yin / yang balance and communication within the human body. If the intelligence resonance of the skull and the intelligence resonance of the pelvic structure are not in harmony .. all kinds of mischief and disharmony can expand out into the world.

The ancient Tibetan cross in the drawing represents manifestation of kidney life force Qi within the pelvic structure was originally from Atlantis .. but is much older from Lemuria and Mu. This is an inter-dimension recognized signature beyond and outside of Earth dimensions.

The Masters told me pelvic bone Qi is altered and distributed throughout the body.

The heart is fire [not because of the blood] .. because it is life giving electric current energetic resonance. Water is Universe .. containing .. life giving = birth .. receptive. Yang is male fire heat life. Yin is female water cold death. The concept of death is that water swallows fire.

Yin / yang together in balance create physical life.

Within the human being there also has to be internal balance of yin / yang [sacrum]. If you watch this video you can see Shaolin Martial Monk - Shi De Jian whole balance and movement and philosophy is from the pelvic center. It is the same principles for you and for everyone.

I am trying to share with you the principle of internal balance that needs no physical movement or physical exercise. In this world now it is possible to apply and master internal balance more powerful than all physical movement.

To understand you cannot walk around .. as usual .. in your head worshiping brain intellect superior human skull. To understand you have to be aware of the internal function of the pelvic bones and sacrum. The pelvis manifests the key definition of the Temple of Man [Ancient Egypt] and the perfect balance of relationship between higher and lower worlds.

You can walk around and be aware of walking .. how the pelvic bones make it possible to walk upright and maintain balance and how the structure of the pelvic bones support the legs [lower world / Earth]. Then you get the mind blowing experience of how the same pelvic bones structure supports the spine / ribs and skull [upper world / Heavens].

You are nothing without the dual yin / yang support of the pelvic bones.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Body Inhabitants: Sacrum Sexual Balance

Experience of the outer world
is internal experience ...

I return from this Portal Intelligence experience [journey] .. and it is the most difficult to explain principles or foundation for yin yang balance of sexual life force [internal] Qi. You can maybe see in the edited drawing below that it is the most subtle form of energy.

If you look at the last two posts you see the difference in the drawings all giving different perspective on the same theme. Sexual Qi accounts for all life force in the body including healing [immune system] and physical .. emotional and mental movement.

Sacrum Sexual Balance
I cannot explain this in any other way than the way it was shown to me .. which is also related to the levels of my own understanding.

I guess all understanding is internally related to ourselves across space and time.

In essence you do not have to understand what I am saying .. all you have to do is understand yourself. People say: Understand FOR yourself .. but I am saying understand YOURSELF [entirely different realisation].

You do not have to understand the outer world or the external experiences .. all you need to understand are the deeper essential inner communications = who you are and why you are who you are [self-responsibility].

I shared with you the Yin Yang Portal experience with The Master .. something I have to go into in more detail .. more complex ways ?? The most important signature to understand is: UNDERSTAND YOURSELF ...

I am a Tech Geek and I can explain this to you more easily in electric current technical levels where each human [Body Inhabitant] has their own inner [incarnate] electrical signature more than THE SELF = beyond self. In terms of Sacrum Sexual Balance this signature is always in YIN YANG relationship to themselves.

It sounds complex .. but it is not as COMPLEX as it sounds #_#

Do you see this drawing compared to the earlier posts ?? This drawing so subtle compared to the current world imagined view of sexual energy .. because that is the force behind all our actions. It is so powerful because it is so subtle.

Through the Portal I was shown: Everything we are is powered by sexual life force! Now we get technical .. where the original force at birth sits in front of the kidneys .. where the electric current to the entire body manifests through the Sacrum.

The entire sacrum / pelvic bone area including connective tissue .. tendons and muscles is THE MOST UNDERRATED part of the human body in terms of health and well being. The power of the SACRUM is too SUBTLE for people to be aware of and understand.

Who pays attention to the Hard Drive in their computer *_*

Sexual balance is related to every aspect of our physical body incarnations .. the electrical operation current for mental emotional as well as physical activity. Sexual Qi is the foundation of the immune system as well as blood organ and cellular activity.

The human body is a highly sophisticated self-integrated electrical system.

The BALANCE comes from: How do YOU use that system? What is your RELATIONSHIP to the unique bio-system you inherited? Do you even know the nature of the system you inhabit? Probably not #_#

If you are a trained pilot .. you know that you are trained to fly a plane. Born on Planet Earth [in general] you have no idea who you are .. why you are here .. what your purpose is .. the nature of the inner experience you are experiencing. Even worse .. you have not understanding about the inner fuel / power source of your life.

In Shaolin terms this means you have no relationship to your own inner power !!

Tech Geek explanation: The next time you go to the toilet to pee .. just be aware this is electrical current activity. When the bodies electrical current [meridians] do not work you cannot pass urine from the body.

What does this have to do with Sacrum and Sexual Balance ??

It is exactly the same process requiring electrical current or meridian electrical fields activity .. which is the same for all functions of the body. If you want to understand SEX then you have to understand ALL FUNCTIONS of the body [you inhabit].

I may have to do this in a different way .. because if I write the key fundamentals personal disruptions may occur. When a person goes to a higher level a lot of friends and family can get "upset". I personally have experienced this .. being attacked [even recently by intelligence agencies running a covert program].

I do not suggest anyone shifts to higher awareness unless they know no fear.
Inner Sacrum Sexual Balance is a very harmonious and dangerous electrical resonant frequency! This is the FUTURE of this Planet in this current timeline [as was shown to me].

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Body Inhabitants: Inner Sexual Qi [Life Force]

Inner energy is most important of all ...
Essentially there is no "outer energy" !!

Body Inhabitants: Yin Yang Portal

YinYang principle is an advanced "technology" .. or ..
Is Spiritual High Technology of the most advanced kind!

So .. Changes happens !!
I have this dream [September 1st 2016] where I am aware of a Qi Master who has tremendous "spiritual pressure". This idea comes form Tite Kubo's BLEACH Series where the Shinigami characters in the Manga BLEACH Series have various levels of Spiritual Pressure.

Since I was a child my Spiritual Pressure when interacting with normal humans is pretty high. But .. on other various dimensions when interacting with The Masters my Spiritual Pressure is ???
I have this dream where I see the Spirit Master and it is not a normal dream. What does this mean for mankind in general? It means we are not in control of our own evolution. Thank goodness that we are not in control of our own evolution !! Because currently the human species on Earth is f#cked ..

Humans are attacking each other .. killing each other .. killing natural species of the Planet. Struggle for POWER among the so-called "elite" groups and all the way down to the lowest levels of struggles for power.

Master Jiddu Krisnamurti said: There is no difference between the higher elite struggles and the lower person to person struggles = it is one and the same petty struggle!

I am both very shy and I am also a character #_# Although .. maybe "shy" is the wrong word ?? Perhaps I am camouflaged and cautious ?? I also like to be "out of character" wearing simple clothing but adding an artistic visual contrast such as a men's Summer hat. I wear my hat Billy The Kid style .. because I have one of those unusual artistic incarnations +_+
I know my different Earth Human incarnations and I use them artistically to express who I am and not to be afraid of who I am .. lifetime after lifetime. I express who I am because I am not afraid [even when I am cautious].

Inner / outer chi balance has nothing to do with outer environment!

I like to talk with a very small amount of friends .. because we can discuss things in ways that are natural to the ecology of the Earth environment pathways [unknown to most people inhabiting this Planet]. There are so many layers to life on Earth. To understand this all you have to do is live your daily life and be AWARE !!

Be aware of the birds and the insects .. look at the moss and the weeds at the side of the roads! To be aware of yourself watching the weeds and the birds and the insects and yourself all at the same moment *_*

Body Inhabitants: Yin Yang Portal
In the dream I was okay as long as the Qi Master was focused on the people around that he was working with and teaching.

When he changed his focus the Yin Yang Portal in the drawing opened. Unusually for dreams we went into the portal and the dream did not end.

In dreams .. when really beyond Earth stuff happens .. the Earth awareness ends. The human brain does not experience beyond Earth. The Body Inhabitant's brain enters "sleep" mode or is shut down until the Inhabitant returns.

To become the portal and see it take place is very rare [in my experience / in this life]. I was both in the portal disappearing and I was watching the process from another awareness. I can tell you this signals an amazing future for this Planet. We have shifted a level higher and have not fallen lower.

Some people may think: Well .. that is just you #_#

The problem with human duality is that we are both a collective as well as being unique individuals. There has to always be a balance between the two. The balance sets itself automatically .. we have no influence over that process.

I show in the drawing how the rotating cross and the enfolding yin yang are one and the same. It is the same principle with the Irish / Celtic rotating trinity symbol. All of them rotate [enfold] to the left or right = it makes no difference. These are higher scientific principles.

On more complex levels these background forces spiral or rotate on their own axis in all directions at the same moment [within the same time-space] .. essentially creating time-space as they move and emit electric current = energy.

In the dream there was a hidden large underground complex .. and when the ground was opened for me I saw ancient ceramic figures but most of them in fragments broken up. There were large heads and upper bodies intact. The level of art work was totally amazing. In that area was a Yin Yang Portal.

The energy to interact with the Portals is sexual chi life force. I will explain this in a new post .. why that is and what it means for mankind moving from the past into the present creating the future now >_<

Monday, August 08, 2016

Body Inhabitants: Forgotten Paranormal Fields

If you want to find the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
- Nikola Tesla

Trying to understand the physical/material energy paranormal connection inside man is much more specialized information. This is not something to be watered down or try to make it easy or simple to understand. The whole World is distorted to want everything to be BIG .. to make a BIG impact .. to reach millions or billions of people.

It is not necessary to reach millions of people and the so-called BIG impact effect is a lie #_#

I am not afraid to share key information with a small number of people .. because that is how Nature works. It was shown to me in very real terms when I was around 11 years old ?? I woke up in another dimension where the human mind is capable of seeing the fundamental principles of reality.

In this life changing experience the smallest particle was massive with massive magnified power and the biggest Planets were tiny like a tiny small particle. The awareness to perceive this is paranormal awareness. I want to share that the so-called "paranormal" is more real and more normal than physical/material existence.

Earth humans have it the wrong way round: Physical reality is real and normal .. the paranormal is unreal abnormal unscientific mental distortion. The truth is: Background paranormal energy governs physical reality. Physical matter is created from or through vibrating electrical currents [electromagnetic fields].

Forgotten Paranormal Fields
I will try to keep this simple !! Many times in my life I have personally observed a paranormal aspect to disease .. sickness and healing. When I say "paranormal" I mean it is NORMAL. It is a hidden process taking place inside mankind on a daily basis that is not understood because no one is looking at it. The paranormal currents inside man is: The Forbidden Fruit.

I am not talking about poltergeist events or so-called possession. I am a bio-technician .. a Tech-Geek .. and the same laws of electrical current and electrical fields applies to the functioning of the body [the temple] of man. Personally observing my own body the heart beat is actually an electrical pulse energy vibration field.

When I was fifteen years old there was an unfortunate event where my father tried to kill himself by climbing the wall of a high rise building and jumping off to his death. The first paranormal event was that he later recalled it was a calm night and there was no wind but in the moment he jumped a strong wind forcibly lifted him in opposite direction and he fell back onto the roof of the apartment building.

Clothes lines on the top of the building broke his fall saving his life.

We then went through a long progression of "brain dead" .. he will die within the next two days .. massive irreparable damage to one whole side of the brain .. internal bleeding .. one lung badly punctured by the ribs #_# .. so the doctors gave him a death sentence and I said to everyone: This is not true!

Instead of dying my father opened his eyes before the end of the two days death sentence [against all the odds] and even worse for the Doctors his brain was functioning and his memory quickly returned. Rather than be interested in this the Doctors turned their back on what was right in front of them and no one wanted to know. It was like they were AFRAID.

Then the Doctors told the family that my father would be a vegetable for the rest of his life. So .. we moved from dying within next two days to a non-functioning mentally handicapped vegetable ... Instead he recovered all his skills and abilities and returned to work within a certain number of months.

The paranormal aspect is that when my father was back as himself with his brain functioning as normal healthy adult human male with all his hard earned skills and knowledge of electrical engineering intact .. including reading complex electrical diagrams *_* .. it seemed to happen overnight. There was a day when suddenly he was THERE.

Over my lifetime I have seen this phenomenon over and over again.

Obviously physical matter takes time to heal .. regenerate and repair. The hidden part we completely ignore and never want to face is the strange phenomenon of SUDDENLY sick and the other reality SUDDENLY healthy again. This is what I mean by the hidden paranormal side of being out-of-balance and then suddenly being in-balance.

My Grandmother also experienced similar phenomenon in her 70's after a stroke where her left side was completely paralyzed. She was told she could not return home [where she lived alone] and she would have to go to an old peoples home. I walked into the hospital after a few hours travel to get there .. I was 18/19 years old .. my Grandmothers memory suddenly fully returned and her left side was no longer paralyzed.

My Grandmother in her 70's returned home and lived a normal self-sufficient life over many years until her natural death occurred. What did the extended family do and how did they all react? It was a small coastal town and people were really afraid and attacked me sort of in a not happy way.

People attacked me because I innocently told them that everything would be okay and not what the Doctors were saying. When the future CHANGED and the impossible took place .. people just did not like it. They got very upset. Okay! The extended family wanted control of my Grandmothers money and savings. The same people did steal all her money when she died. That was not done by her immediate close family .. it was the small town mob.

Over many years I was able to observe a hidden phenomenon in people as well as in myself. The bleep on the psychic radar is an emotion or a connected group of emotions .. where the emotion is the electrical signal [impulse] but the source of the bleep is deeper.

Jiddu Krihsnamurti would say: Can you go to the root of the problem and be aware of the deeper origin of the emotion .. to the deeper origin of thought?

When you observe emotions they are the twin companion of thought. Can you have thought without emotions .. can you have emotions without thought? So .. the linear self thought processes and emotions come from the same root .. come from the same source.

I had to rebuild and regenerate my own body internally [alone] after the physical crisis hit suddenly out-of-the-blue. There was no warning .. from one moment to the next in the early hours of the morning my body was wrecked and malfunctioning. Don't tell me about day-by-day deterioration theory because fat overweight diabetic people who smoked and drank heavily were in a better state than I was *_*

Sure .. I worked on many levels to heal and regenerate my body. So that when I was back to normal with no more issues of food allergies / chronic fatigue / insomnia / heart racing / anxiety attacks .. it all disappeared overnight. Being okay was not a gradual process .. I was suddenly there again with no distressing physical symptoms I had experienced in the attack.

As long as the attack was happening I could not get out of the cycle of symptoms during a gradual process of slowly being a little better [but not totally]. When the bouncing radar symptoms left me ALL of THEM were gone .. never to return.

I was able to observe the same process recently while helping someone to pull themselves together after Medical Specialists and Doctors told them that nothing could be done and they probably would not live beyond the next six months. Alone with no help we all applied ourselves to help [paranormal team] and things were okay for 7 to 8 months when suddenly out-of-the-blue another crisis hit.

The MRI looked good and the thing had not regrown in many months without the usual treatments .. and then suddenly it was there and overnight there was a back to the past collapse. THEN I KNEW I was seeing the OTHER SIDE !! The earlier surgery was severe life threatening with a slim chance of surviving six hours brain surgery .. and now it was WORSE.

Again the official .. if we cannot cure it no one can .. health specialist mantra: No survival possible .. death can occur at any moment .. if lucky you have a couple of weeks or months! Prognosis = Go home and die [negative neuro-linguistic programming]. The experts said: We can offer you expensive treatments we know do not work [they eventually admitted] .. but whatever you do .. you are TOAST .. bye bye!

This is where I was able to directly work with and OBSERVE paranormal dimensions at work.

I became aware that many so-called physical illness cannot be HEALED physically / chemically .. because the origin .. the root .. the cause IS NOT a physical process. What I discovered through observation is that the physical body is reacting to [responding to] a non-physical cause.

Although people do experience real physical symptoms .. the root .. the origin .. the source .. the cause is often NON-PHYSICAL. I will go into this later in other posts .. but so far [months later] the dark prognosis has not manifest. It does seem clear that the physical body is being directly affected by a deeper pattern of emotions.

I am not talking some strange voodoo or psychic supernatural stuff !! What I experienced and was able to observe is a FACTUAL 3D .. LAWS of PHYSICS .. REALITY .. that GOVERNS and is a superior part of the world of physical matter .. governing physical reality.

Resolve the energetic / emotional / psychic disorder and this affects the physical organism.

I call this paranormal because it is the point where energy and matter meet each other. The UNKNOWN is exactly the point where energy and matter meet and interact in complex ways. It seems complex because currently humans avoid it .. run away from it .. do not observe it .. act as though they are afraid.

BUT IT IS YOU !! The invisible source .. the root is what makes you who you are #_#

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Body Inhabitants: Male Android Pelves

Human Pelvis: A large compound bone structure at the base of the spine that supports the legs. It consists of hip bone, sacrum, and coccyx. In human males the pelvis is called: The Android Pelvis.

The pelvis is one of the most useful skeletal elements for differentiating between males and females. Female pelves are larger and wider than male pelves and have a rounder pelvic inlet. Male iliac crests are higher than females, causing their false pelves to look taller and narrower.

I just returned from an interactive Body Inhabitant Incarnation Transition Zone #_#

I know some people reading this for the first time may think I am kidding around .. but those of you who know me also now that I am not kidding around. I did just get back from an Interactive Transition Zone. This is basically that Incarnate Body Inhabitants exists across multiple dimensions where all aspects are related and part of each other.

One example is you exist simultaneously on multiple dimensions in one unified time space where all incarnate aspects are related to each other and affect each other = they all work together. The hard truth is: The multi-incarnational aspects either work together to bring you down or they work together to enlighten you!

Maybe you call that: The Law of Karma ??

Inter-dimensional Masters are working with me relating to older incarnations = I know them very well! They had been showing me a lot of lost awareness and knowledge relating to the human sacrum and the entire skeletal bone structure. I know most people think their organs are supreme? The truth is the bones .. the skeletal structure and the skull are supreme.

Basically .. no skeletal structure no organs !! No human !!

The original work I was doing is related to teachings of the pelvic anterior muscles ligaments and tendons. The psychic word association "anterior" I was shown leads (in this dimension) to a fragmented physiological down the rabbit hole maze where ligaments tendons and muscles are not "related" / directly one and the same !!

I was specifically searching for the anatomical term for buttock muscles: Gluteus maximus. I discovered that GM muscles [Deep Sacral Gluteus Maximus] were originally divided into two and now [triangle] it has been discovered that the buttock muscles [GM] have three interactive forms: 1. Superficial sacral fibers. 2. Deep ilium fibers, 3. Superior - Deep sacral fibers.

The most important teaching was / is that bones ligaments tendons and muscles are ONE.

Male Android Pelves [Pelvis]
Outside of anatomy studies I am sure very few of you have heard the term: Android pelvis .. that is the anatomical term used to describe the male pelvis.

I was really blown away that this term is out in the open hidden in plain sight because Invisible Lamas had been teaching me how to walk. It is embarrassing we humans do not know how to walk when all the animals are born knowing how to use their incarnate bodies.

The pelvis and sacrum are essential to the whole layout and function of the human structure. The "android" part really amazed me .. and was a surprise .. because of what I was told [shown] by the Invisible Lama Guides.

Previously over a number of weeks the Invisible Guides were teaching me about "hybrid Earth humans" and how the physical human form is unsuitable to living and surviving on the surface of the Planet. How this situation we are in now struggling to survive like animals on the Planet's surface is why we destroy most of the eco-system that we inhabit.

Where the "Android Pelvis" comes into this .. is that the human design [gluteus maximus muscles] were designed for sitting. The reason they were designed for sitting is because the humanoid form is a hybrid design created to live in hybrid environments.

A hybrid environment is an high technology structure on the surface of a Planet .. a hybrid technical structure inside a Planet or orbiting a Planet or Solar System. Those are three basic forms of hybrid structures that hybrid humans were designed for. The human was a functional inhabitant of hybrid environments before everything fell apart a long time ago.

Anatomy of Gluteus Maximus Muscles [Sketch]
I have been researching and writing this post since 23 July 2016 .. this is partly because of the complexity of what I am being shown [by the ancient guides] and also because I have been making a number of life changes. Sounds dramatic! Huh! It is not that dramatic .. it is very simple direction of our way on The Path.

My sketch of the anatomy of the human pelvis muscles is not anatomically accurate .. I just like to create and understand things for myself and drawing [pictographs] is a more ancient language far superior to words. People use words and say: I cannot draw! You see my drawing = it is not perfect ... but it is my own language. It is a language that speaks to me and a language I understand.

If you do the Martial Arts then these exercises are most perfect for the stretching and strengthening the three layers of Gluteus Muscles and tendons. No amount of fitness training or gyms or any muscle training will fully utilize these muscles because of what I call: Dead Leg #_#
I cannot say more at this point .. because the work we do for people through the Blogs to freely share information is trolled by organizations and corporations who [over the years] take the insights and patch together money making ideas and in some cases copyright the "appropriated" ideas even though they took it from another unidentified original source.
I was given an unusual concept how to protect the original unique information and stop others stealing it to copyright it and make money from it especially as they do not have a clue what is really behind this information !! This will be used in the future to "keep information free".

For those of you working to maintain your inner electrical charge and coherent life force .. don't look to your organs .. don't look to the soft processes of your physical body functions .. go deeper and figure out the source +_#

The source is hidden in plain sight !!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Secrets of Shaolin [Documentary] Seven Star Fist

There is no light without shadows
.. and there are no shadows without light.

Since my last blog post on June 22 I have been doing a lot of new and important things... For those of you who are interested in integrity .. personal discipline and higher consciousness. This Secrets of Shaolin Kung Fu Documentary is worth watching.

Since my last blog post on June 22 I have been doing a lot of new and important things... For those of you who are interested in integrity .. personal discipline and higher consciousness ?? This 2015 Shaolin Kung Fu Documentary is worth watching.

I was taught [or trained} by the spiritual dimensions to see the future now .. through the past into the now through the eyes of the future *_* .. and if you really consider this .. you begin to understand who you are and why you are here at any point in space time !!

I will explain in other blog posts that I do not do conventional training nor exercises ... because I use colon detox and my own protocols [probiotics / vegan food] to keep my body naturally in shape. Cats do not do the Kung Fu exercises or body building .. but cats have the extreme ability inside them !!

What happened today was that I was stretching tendons and ligaments when these ancient Masters [Guides of Humanity] showed me all-in-one how stretching is more essential and more important base than physical exercise and practicing kicks and dynamic movements.

I immediately know and understand because of many past lives experiences!

But .. then some time later the posted video appears in the sidebar and I look at it to see what it is about ?? and sure enough within the first 13 minutes they are talking about this same essential component in learning Shaolin Kung Fu #_#

I just had to post this .. because I am excited!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Body Inhabitants: The Masters Show Me Reality

Student: Master! What is reality?
Master: Do you know yourself?

The two drawings you see are one drawing! I am using this artistic progression to visually show the process of adaptation and change or transformation of Incarnate Body inhabitants .. on Earth. At the same time I use this to show you the different variations in the nature of REALITY depending on the OBSERVER.

What Is Real?
Jiddu Krishnamurti said: The observer is the observed. If you take time to go into this deeply? You may discover yourself inside this yin/yang concept of the oneness of observation / observing and the observed!

The first drawing is like an apprentice or student [Buddha] beginning [developing] their inner energy [chi] awareness.

Cultivating Inner Chi Awareness
At first the student asks: What is real? Then they do the inner work because no one gives them the answer .. because there is no answer [at that point].

The student seriously asks: What is real? Then the student does the work inside themselves to discover the answers.

You see the same drawing looks totally different as it changes and transforms. But it is the same drawing! This is to show how a human being [who is the same being] transforms themselves when they apply and work at this inner transformation.

The Masters Show Me Reality
As western science mindset began to take over .. Earth human body inhabitants shifted to see "reality" as 90 percent 3D material physical matter and 10 percent mind / psyche influence [interactions]. This has been the 2,000 year legacy from the Roman Empire.

Through western dominance and influence around the World the unknown .. the invisible .. the paranormal and the mysterious psyche were demonized. This was a big mistake if you want a healthy Planet shared by healthy Inhabitants. In yin/yang cultures the psyche and the physical body are ONE.

The Masters love me because I have my own curious mind. If you do not create discipline within the mind and you just let it run everywhere without accuracy .. then you may as well be finding your way through a maze or labyrinth. By accuracy I mean true Martial Arts application of right power and focus.

Sometimes when I do not understand something I question things in the wrong way. What I mean by "the wrong way" is that I think I know what is real and what is not real... I already have a decision in my mind that I am seeing reality .. and from that fixed standpoint I question what is real! What is reality!

The Masters show me [very gently] that all REALITY is INSIDE !!

The Masters show me in such a way that I see and discover this myself. It is like walking along a long hard path when you discover a beautiful flower growing in the sandy desert at the side of the path. You discover the flower unexpectedly for yourself and you see the flower .. that is set there for you by The Masters.

In your search .. you come across a gift.

Of course .. my own behavior has to be in complete harmony with the situation. This is where I talk about inner discipline and right action .. applying the right power and focus. Some people may ignore the flower .. others may walk over it .. some may try to worship it. All are related to power and focus.

Where do I see the flower?

If the flower is reality and I am searching on the path .. where do I see the flower?

I see the flower inside.

The REALITY is INSIDE. All physical and non-physical realities are experienced INSIDE. What happened in the last 2,000 years was a shift inside humans to focus on the dense 3D physical material existence and to suppress all other living "flowers" along the path.

The problem is humans are conditioned to believe feelings .. emotions .. mind .. thoughts and the psyche are not REAL and base physical material reality is REAL. If you think about it .. most experiences inside the physical body depend on cognitive brain / mind psychic senses combined with feelings and emotions +_#

If you study the paranormal: Psyche / emotions / trauma can create "ghosts" within the physical realms .. which means transient non-physical psychic elements can survive physical death. In certain energy locations these non-physical entities continue within their patterns. So .. what is real and what is not real?

Then I asked myself: Well then .. how do I experience the World?

My whole experience of the World is INTERNAL !! It relates to who I am .. how I see .. what I feel .. how I choose to interact [or not interact] .. there is the psyche and other extraordinary senses that all play a part in how I see the World around me.

The whole experience is INTERNAL.

The ancient eastern philosophy observations of reality moves more towards 90 percent chi energy .. psyche .. mind .. consciousness .. awareness .. emotions and non-physical forces with 10 percent physical matter experience.

When you get into your physical car and you drive on the physical pathways .. the car will not drive without some source of invisible non-physical power [energy] source. Without the non-physical energy source the car will not move. It is the same with a physical body!

Reality is not external .. we carry reality inside us.

It is actually more powerful .. in that: We are our own reality! I want to go into this more deeply in the next posts .. as this discovery is an ongoing multi dimensional experience .. with different levels all meeting at one point. The dimensions meeting at one point is something I have yet to fully understand.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Central Paradigm Implosion: 2016 - 2066

January 26 - 2066 Year of The Chinese Fire Dog
This experience took place in related Earth dimensions ...

When caught in a standing pattern [behaviour] .. one thinks the pattern will always be taking place in the future. The problem is surrounding fields fluctuate in short and long cycles. Earth dimension field has come to the end of a central paradigm pattern.

These natural cycles exist outside of human influence. The cycles are part of a natural invisible surrounding intelligent field that all creatures inhabit. Each cycle teaches who we are and why we are here. It is called: Mastering The Cycles.

Imploding Central Paradigm Model
In this pictograph [model] you can see the Primary Central Entity affecting the surrounding field(s).

The central component can be a belief system .. institution .. individual .. so-called leader or central system. The model humans have predominantly experienced within the last cycle.

I drew the pictograph first without thinking and as I came to the end of all the dots .. something in my mind began to explain various aspects within the drawing: You see the central figure [whoever they are] is off center [off balance].

Part of the influence is being pulled off balance by those being influenced. Usually in this model there are a small number of people close to the central field and the further away .. the more concentrated the influence [gravity effect] becomes.

The whole outside mass connected to the influence of the Central Field are actually moving the center [Qi] influence off balance. This is not an intelligent model and it cannot work long term. It always collapses. There will always be elements of chaos and out of balance opposing fields. Just think of it in terms of fluctuating magnets.

In the drawing the green dots are 3D incarnate humans .. the blue dots are associated spirits [ancestors] connected to the humans. The red dots are negative spirit associations to the physical 3D incarnate humans. I drew less of them because red is itself a strong colour. The colour alone makes it clear.

Masters Beyond Paradigm's Influences
Masters can incarnate into any paradigm cycle and be who they are. Qi Masters do not get caught in dominant model patterns or pulled off balance by human fluctuations in the surrounding fields.

The drawing represents inner harmony.

Inner harmonic states are superior to and are outside of the influence of fixed or changing paradigm models = variations in cycles or restricted influences within each dominant paradigm pattern and the fixed functions within each Planetary cycle.

One method used by practitioners during the last central paradigm control cycle was to withdraw from the world to find Nirvana [peace / enlightenment]. In such a messed up world that is really selfish and irresponsible. At the same time I do not mean you end up like the entity in the implosion model.

I was a shy person not looking for attention .. doing a lot of Inner Cloaking to hide my true essence. I was like this as a child and it only got stronger as I developed into the outer world of humans and strangers. I had my own escape planned from 11 years old until 22 years old [when I graduated from College].

Through College years I dressed terribly in jeans that were too big for me .. wearing big baggy sweat shirts and my hair was like a wild woman of the woods [I'm exaggerating #_#] .. but it did not stop people. Large groups of people were attracted to me like bees to honey.

One thing I can tell you about the Central Paradigm Model *_* [that is 100% true]. No matter if you are an individual .. a leader .. institution or whatever you are: At all points in this model parts of the influence will turn against you .. or everything will turn against you.

Some of you will understand what I am saying and a lot of you will not understand or not want to understand. The fact is the outer field [cycle] is changing whether anyone wants to face it or not. All people influenced by the central paradigm are also attached to [caught in] this model and do not want it to end.

I knew this central paradigm model was f#cked from the age of four years old .. and I planned my own escape at an early age. At 22 years old I returned to the mountains and told the Invisible Guides that my next stage would be to find an isolated cottage in the Highlands and live isolated for the rest of my life. I was not going to live out in that "crazy world".

Those [for me] too large groups of people who gravitated toward me would out-of-the-blue turn against me. First .. I did not ask these people [or want these people] to gravitate to me .. they came to me .. plus I did not reach out to them. But once they were there a bipolar relationship would manifest where across the board all of them would have serious irrational inner psychological bipolar issues.

Jiddu Krishnamurti put it this way:
First they will put you on a pedestal .. then they will try to tear it down!

Even more bizarre! I show in out-of-balance drawing the related paranormal influences surrounding 3D physical interactions. Whoever is at the center of this influence model is also being put off balance by related paranormal fields. You are holding together not only physical reality influence but also spirit [ghost] and negative entities [energies] surrounding each physical incarnate group.

I find it easier to deal with the paranormal than deal with humans.

Individuals like Jiddu Krishnamurti .. Dali Lama .. Morihei Ueshiba [AIKIDO] .. Gichin Funakoshi [Karate Do] were able to overcome the Central Paradigm Effect inside themselves and teach what they had to teach. There are individuals who are able to create balance outside of the dominant field in their own unique ways.

Over the next 50-60 years the outer paradigm field is changing to another level no matter what humans think or feel or want! For those of you who realise that you cannot run away and you cannot interact .. what do you do ??

Intelligence is awareness and awareness is intelligence as ONE beyond yin/yang.
Krishnamurti called this: The Pathless Path. It is pure ZEN.
It is the ultimate form of Martial Arts!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Body Inhabitants: Third-Eye 33 Degrees

Disclaimer: The experiences in this post bears no connection with this Earth dimension reality. The experiences and information detailed in this Report are simply a form of creative ART expressionism.

I just returned from a lengthy training at an Inter Dimensional Body / Mind Dojo .. I know some of you probably think I am joking around and kidding due to having an over active imagination as well as being a crazy artist #_#

The truth is: Life is more complex that people know of imagine .. and our inner imagination plays a big part in who we are [living on this Earth] and why we are who we are. Imagination can be tiny and restrictive like living in a self-created box. Imagination can expand to encompass various levels and degrees!

In this Earth paradigm people think and believe that imagination can be weak .. lacking creativity or non-existent. In some people imagination can be strong .. powerful .. highly creative and expansive! The truth is: Imagination is POWERFUL aspect of every human on Earth [even in this Earth dimension.

IN fact imagination is more powerful than thought and is NEVER RESTRICTED !! What happens to people is that some use this power to limit themselves and maintain a low level presence living out their lives in a confined "awareness" space. Other people use imagination to experience various levels of existence on Earth.

Third-Eye 33 Degrees
To try and show visually what I have learned through the Body / Mind Dojo experience I altered the drawing to reveal three spatial forms [diagrams]. It is the same drawing with three visual dimensions [observations].

The first view is how the pictograph was drawn.

You have the Third-Eye [pineal gland] inside the structure of the brain. The Dark Eye that SEES. When the Third-Eye is activated it is assumed that one can see clearly and is more aware and can interact with the paranormal.

As you see from the drawing .. this is not the case.

The active Third-Eye opens to many levels of degrees [layers] ranging between what is very close to human psyche [experiences] .. moving to higher levels and dimensions. One person may only see the layers very close to human field of experience and awareness .. while others may see much further moving outside the limited Earth human experience.

From the time of Atlantis until the fall of the Ancient World the process of Third-Eye Initiations were totally different and had totally different meaning than the meanings that exist today. The degrees of Initiation had nothing to do with HIGHER and LOWER hierarchy. The degrees were part of understanding how far a person could see.

The Third-Eye reversal gives a different perspective on the same principle. When I see and draw pictographs I do not know what I am drawing. I see the pictograph in my mind and I draw without thinking. Once I have drawn the pictograph I see .. I then understand their meaning on different levels.

At the time of Atlantis until the fall of the Ancient World .. the "eye" at the top of the pyramid had nothing to do with control. As you can see the reversal shows the Third-Eye connection in relation to physical Earth. When reversed the EYE is perceiving the higher levels downwards into the Earth [this reality].

The Third-Eye itself is not a state HIGHER .. but is the receiver perceiving other levels. Those who try to use this as a form of control are really only seeing as far as that tiny area [degree] right up close to the eye. I imagine the various depths of seeing are varied in the degrees.

This is the same drawing from a different perspective. The basic signature is the same. Each one of us can take the same reality and fit that ONE reality into each of the tiny experience restrictions we imagine = create for ourselves.

In the Ancient World those who wanted to restrict themselves had to respect and leave alone those who worked to expand. Conflict arises out of attempting to impose restriction on everyone across the board. It sort of follows the path: If I am restricting myself then I am going to restrict you.

You can squish this drawing up into a tiny square and it will become barely recognisable. In this current World some live their lives to see reality without linear restriction .. and others live to restrict and manage REALITY in their own image. Then the struggle becomes: If I am afraid to expand my awareness I am not going to allow you to expand your awareness.

In other dimensions the genes and DNA work like this: My Grandfather was a Mason .. and in older times they had real physical lineage connections. My family moved away from the small town when I was maybe 7 years old and there was no contact. My Grandfather died when I was 9 years old. Plus women are not part of the Masonic Lodges. I did not get this information from my Grandfather direct.

They way it works on other dimensions is that all that ancient information is encoded as signatures in the sperm. This applies to all ancient knowledge that are part of ancient cultures [secrets = secretions / pineal gland]. I explain this later... All the children both male and female get ancient knowledge signatures from the father [yang].

This combines with ancient feminine [yin] knowledge signatures .. but women's knowledge is considered a threat in this World and is suppressed. We can say that the yin reads the yang. In terms of Cosmic balance of yin / yang .. the passive yin force reads the active yang force and the two combine to create wisdom harmony and higher levels of consciousness.

No one has to tell me sh#t .. I can read the signatures written within me that have existed over many tens of thousands of years. This is what I am trying to say about the inverted / reversed pictograph of the levels [degrees] of the Third-Eye. One can look down through the records to see and understand all levels.

When the Third-Eye is not open [active] the two physical eyes cannot see.

When the Third-Eye opens it creates altered fields that affect the eyes and the brain. The eyes see differently when the Third-Eye is open. On the closest level to human experience [degree] people can see spirits .. ghosts .. little grey beings and other common paranormal activities. A lot of ET activity is within the lower range.

Expanded degrees of awareness begin to move far outside the human experience .. and then you need the inbuilt Operating System and genetic Software from those who originally OPENED the PATH. Those signatures probably originated on other Worlds and was inherited by life forms on this Planet.

So .. each Degree is a level of seeing.

It is not just about entering and seeing those levels .. but most important in terms of inner self proficiency is how one interacts with those levels or dimensions. Anyone may see things but not necessarily know or understand how to behave. Seeing also requires discipline. It requires us to adapt .. transform and change.

It is very important to understand: The female PATH [yin] reads the male PATH [yang] and the two paths become ONE. You can have strong yin in the male and strong yang in the female with yin / yang balance in those we call The Masters. The signatures do not come down to simply male and female.

When humans caught in collective streams of consciousness are in various states of conflict with other alternative streams of consciousness .. the REAL CONFLICT is between them and those DEGREES or levels of awareness. The conflicts play out human to human for thousands of years .. but the actual conflict is primarily between humans and that other World.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Body Inhabitants: The Masters Lend Us Their Power

Spirit is Inter-dimensional Time Traveller

I am so excited about this new drawing ..
The drawings may seem simple but it really is not easy to do !!

I am also enjoying this new level of information: Body inhabitants

Part of the reason is most of what I do in my posts is work. By this I mean other levels .. other dimensions .. this dimension .. co-ordinating dreams .. figuring it all out .. finding ways to communicate what I see. One also has learn levels of self-discipline.

Body Inhabitants: The Masters Lend Us Their Power
Sometimes when I walk I see visions or multi levels of timeless information. The key is: Incarnate Body Inhabitants have to have the skills and power to make sense of this.

I don't know how young I was ?? maybe four years old [I was pretty smart at four years old] .. when I complained to the Invisible Guides that I could not heal people AS USUAL +_+

You have to have a sense of humor on this Planet!

I had this awareness as a child that I had healed humans in an Atlantis type setting here on Earth [even as a child in that setting]. Where I could easily heal people in a nano-second. In this life I was complaining: Who took this ability away .. and why the restrictions ??

At the time I was shown a vision of close to the period of the end of Atlantis when we still had these abilities. The healing abilities were not miracles they were totally natural! I saw a compressed holographic experience [in less than a second] where we were physically healing humans over and over again. The humans could not remain healed ...

The Council of Elders of The Dimensions realized what was happening and they changed the healing role of those who have the power. The problem was that [at that time] we could easily and effortlessly heal the growing range of human disease and degeneration .. but we could not heal the psyche.

Nearing the end of Atlantis these beautiful humans that were created began to go into all kinds of strange and abnormal states of rapid degeneration. We would heal them and heal them with power of love and Universal Qi .. but shortly after this healing people would go back into their out-of-balance states.

I saw a lot more than I write .. and I said: Okay .. I Understand !!

I did not agree with this decision .. and I have to admit some part of me still does not agree with this decision. Because in yin / yang there is always alternative effect [like putting sentient beings into same pressure cooker]. Desperate selfish [fear] service-to-self people can become obsessed with living at any cost .. while gentle kind sensitive people can suffer through the imbalances. The old Atlantis healing model does not work either.

This was simply the introduction...

I want to talk about the drawing: The Masters Lend Us Their Power! This came to me just walking and listening to / looking at Nature. Because .. all the trees .. grass .. plants .. weeds .. rain .. clouds .. are the antenna of the higher worlds.

You are all searching for Star Gates ?? Look more closely at a blade of grass !!

I have drifted again #_+ ...

The Masters lend us their power! Planet Earth is a Dojo .. a place of learning. Some people call Earth a Prison Planet .. but this is only fractionally [partly] "true". Earth manifests [supports] multiple dimensions and timelines within one space [sphere].

Some parallel Earth dimensions are ugly .. some are advancing and some are dead.

This multi-dimensional Earth is really not a "Prison planet". Aspects of different timelines inhabiting core Earth may move in degenerated directions or advanced directions. This is similar to behavior of societies in different countries or continents.

The next level: The Masters lend us their power .. applies to Earth being a school.

The way it was shown to me is you have four year old mentality who have the potential to learn to mature. If you give a four year old POWER = what will they do with it? Already humans have no power and they spend more time destroying than creative building.

The Masters lend us their power to guide us and teach us [step by step].

I am sure you can imagine what happens when humans go into retrograde and misuse the power. That effect follows lifetime after lifetime. When people play games with you .. you do not have to do anything !! These people are a lot worse off that you.

They have to face themselves!

It is like you plug in your notebook .. and the computer uses the electricity! You plug in your mobile phone or tablet and these devices use the electricity. Then it is up to you how you use these devices. Are you still with me +_#

Do not get me wrong!

There are Masters for every level teaching / guiding .. sort of like a Sushi Chef or any level of human behavior and human existence [according to our own nature]. This is the most important of what I have to say. There are Masters at every level showing us the way and teaching us.

The Masters do not have high levels / low level .. they only have The Teachings.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Body Inhabitants: Meeting The Masters

Not far away .. but near!

This information is a little more complex! As young as I remember I was aware of The Masters. These Masters take many forms but in essence they are all the same power or the same vibration awareness.

As powerful as they are The Masters were also very kind. They completely ignored all my early complaints when asking: WTF were you thinking to send me here ??? I gave The Masters a really bad time...

Body Inhabitants: Meeting The Masters
This drawing is the latest answer to work I have been doing. The problem is The Masters do not give a direct ANSWER.

Recently I travelled to them to complete some intensive training / guidance. This is related to past present and future now. Through the work we have done together in the past .. they work with me now.

The thing is The Masters never give an answer.

When I ask for Guidance .. this request is always met with intense silence. I was working to connect with incarnations where I was a Master of Acupuncture and related energy balance fields.

There was the usual silence .. but the answer comes from within. When you ask a question! The question makes you develop so that you have the abilities to understand or manifest the solution [answer] or insight [innovation].

When you work with The Masters really you work with yourself.

If you do not work with yourself .. then you do not work with The Masters. There are different ways to do this. You can physically go to sacred places associated with The Masters and their Guidance. You can meditate and ask so many questions [ask for Guidance].

Sometimes they will interact with you in various ways. But .. they will not just give you the answer. There is very simple reason why The Masters do not just give us the ANSWER .. because we are the answer. The same energy is inside us.

You can travel inside yourself to places that do not physically exist on Earth and you can do the same thing: Ask for answers / Guidance to find The Way or to follow The Way. We have been doing this for lifetimes when incarnate into physical 3D reality. Doing some kind of essential work [on ourselves].

Some time ago The Masters took me to a place that is real .. more real than physical 3D reality .. and all the beings represented in ancient Chinese / Japanese / Asian ART were there in reality. I don't do any funny stuff .. but these beings were real. I did not have any QUESTIONS .. I was speechless and I discovered the meaning of SILENCE!

Later out of yourself .. like a seed germinating .. there is inner realisation relating to The Path or the SOLUTION. It never comes to you the way you think it should or the way you think [PERIOD]. The answer is inside you [always]. It never fails to surprise me !!

The Sacrum and The Skull
Just as most people have no idea that the functions of the brain are directly related to the functions of the intestines! People have no idea that the kidney's and adrenal glands have a master influence on the heart and brain.

Even more remote than this is the connection between the sacrum and the skull .. as well as the relationship between the sacrum and the heart. Very few understand the intense relationship between the skeletal structure and the organs of the body. The relationship between the skeletal structure and the glands.

I am not talking about the nerves running from the spine.

Much of the communication process between Earth humans and The Masters is ART .. insight .. innovation .. realisation .. application into physical 3D reality. Maybe the problem we have is that THOUGHT [rational linear mind] does not understand this deeper communication.

There is no RATIONAL understanding for my drawing .. but I UNDERSTAND it +_#

When you are meeting The Masters you are meeting yourself! But .. what language do you use ?? There is no rational language to meet yourself. The Universe is not based on RATIONAL PRINCIPLES even though rational THOUGHT tries to explain Galaxies using restricted mathematical formulas.

If Galaxies used linear rational mathematical formula rotations .. we would all be dead !!

ART causes the mind to shift to other levels beyond thought. Because .. rational thought is the least capable tool within the brain in terms of understanding / insight / realisations / solutions. My linear rational mind does not like this drawing !!

You know what .. I really like this drawing !!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Body Inhabitants: Inner Power

Knowing others is intelligence,
knowing yourself is true wisdom.

Mastering others is strength,
Mastering yourself is true power

- Lao-Tzu

Body Inhabitants: Inner Power
This drawing drew itself before I decided what it was showing in pictographic visual terms. The way my mind works is that I see a complete space-time vision of information and Guidance.

This is not linear space-time .. the vision is contained within a bubble. Still .. it applies to this reality.

In this drawing you can see seven principles of power.

At the same time all principles of power are one and the same force. Some power may seem to be expansive .. while some power may seem to be contained.

It is the same power with the same force.

As you see from the drawing power follows pathways. If you look deeper you may see power follows pathways to maintain cohesion. This applies to all forms of power including the Sun. When naked power is unrestricted [undisciplined] it has no form .. direction or purpose.

Body Inhabitants incarnate to fully develop within each lifetime. The journey is not physical .. the journey is that of Incarnate Spirit. Development is not physical .. development is of the Incarnate Spirit. This is the true meaning of power.

You could say: This is the true meaning of Inner Power.

In the world of Nature the small regulates the large .. and the small gives pathways for the large to exist. One form of the small are probiotics .. other forms are fungi / bacteria. Beneficial probiotics give the cells a certain electrical charge that we call "energy" or life.

Fungi and bacteria exist to unlock and break cohesive cellular patterns [physical matter] back down to its micro-molecular state. There is no food source on Earth that has not been consumed trillions of times before.

Fungi yeast and bacteria digest matter when signals show that the energy signature is in a state of decay. Chronic inflammation is part of the Cancer cell process where cells can mutate or tumors can grow. It is all the same POWER!

Fungi and bacteria can only unlock and take apart biological compatible cellular structures. How is it that all these different structures are compatible and can interact on the deeper levels? It is exactly the same power that holds your body together. It is the same reason why cells in the body can reduce inflammation, detox and regenerate.

The key organ controlling all these processes is the colon!

Toxic colon is Candida overgrowth .. maybe leaky gut ?? Toxic colon is impacted waste matter with fungi and bacteria overgrowth. This can include parasites and viruses. It is all there inside the gut only because it has something to feed off of. In Nature the parasites .. the bacteria .. fungi and mold are designed to feed off toxic waste!

The electrical frequency of this toxic waste digestion process is different to the electrical frequency of healthy living cells in your body. For example .. fungal overgrowth impacting the body will directly charge the energy of a lightning storm that the body cells are designed to have resistance to.

When I had toxic leaky gut [fungal yeast overgrowth affecting the cells in the body] I could feel the electrical charge run through my body before the lightning flash. This is because fungi comes alive in lightning storms .. and are designed to become highly charged during thunder storms.

As soon as I figured things out and began taking probiotics every day [I started with Threelac] .. all that cr#p ended! That is because beneficial probiotics digest and detoxify fungi yeast and bacteria while supporting healthy normal cell function. It is all the same power! It just takes different forms!

One cannot detox too fast or you end up with a healing crisis.

Toxic colon changes the energy pathways .. or interferes with the normal functioning of the electrical energy pathways. Toxins from the fungus / bacteria cause a direct chemical anxiety or stress that has nothing to do with psychological brain / mind. In fact these toxic chemicals interfere with the brain / mind communication pathways.

The brain / psyche can be functioning [calm meditation] while the body is experiencing toxic chemical stress and anxiety from the psycho-active molecular pathways coming from the fungal / bacterial overgrowth. I hope that makes sense!

The interesting thing about Valerian root is that it is not only anti-inflammatory but it includes sesquiterpenes compounds that are able to cross the blood brain barrier carrying oxygen with the ability to attack Cancer cells [a form of inflammation]. Also containing a key molecular component GABA [inhibitory neurotransmitter] which is know to regulate anxiety.

I am describing different molecules with different functions .. all the same power.

The way I have used Valerian in the past is to use it as a building support with space-time gaps for the body to regain its own normal functioning of inner chemical balance. If you tried to rely on it after four days the effect of Valerian on the body is greatly reduced. There must be a good reason for the way the body does this!

Space-time is an overlooked and essential part of the healing process!

We are so intellectual and rely [focus] on thought that as soon as there is neuro-chemical stress in the body itself [not in the mind] we are completely dense and think everything is inside the mind or the brain. When you switch to silent mind and listen .. this becomes clear. I am talking a physical neuro-chemical process inside the body structure.

A lot of stuff taking place like Post Traumatic Stress could possibly be similar to my own experiences when we lose essential gut probiotics and become toxic with cellular interference chemicals / toxins / fungus / bacteria...

To experience anxiety and stress direct from the body when you have a calm mind is the weirdest sh#t you can imagine +_# I mean .. I have never taken any kinds of medications or psychoactive substances .. but when that happens it is like a BAD TRIP. It is direct body psychoactive because fungus is that kind of toxin!

Inner power is a healthy colon!